Hudson Promotional Competitions are held twice every year to allow our members to earn competition points towards their next rank. In addition to these two tournaments, our members can also earn points by competing in the annual Yonezuka Cup and at national level competitions.

Below are links to Hudson Judo Yudanshakai Recommendation for Promotion, Promotional Rank Requirements that need to be reviewed by anyone planning to take an HJY Promotion Exam, Non Black Belt Waiver, and other pertinent documents.

For questions regarding promotions, please contact:

Robin M. Rosenthal -

Promotion Forms & Documents

Forms to Complete After Shodan & Above Promotion

USJF Certification & Instructions

Kodokan Certification Applications & Fees

The Kodokan link below will contain instructions, requirements and other useful information if you are applying for Kodokan Rank Certificate.


The application for Kodokan certification and certificate can be downloaded

from the link below.

Promotion Results